Is Stupider

by Stove

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Steve Hartlett (guitar, vocals, bass, drums)

Sam Rosenberg (guest vocals on "Jock Dreams")

produced and mixed: Nick Dooley and Dan Francia at The Barn in Panton, VT
mastered: Brent Ulrich
artwork: Ben Prisk



released November 20, 2015



all rights reserved



Exploding In Sound Records Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Stupider
Don’t know who I am, so I act like who I’m with
with stupid crazy fits, calm down
Track Name: Stupid
I lost my friend, he looked me in the eye
told me to, "go and leave my friends behind.
next time you open your heart to some one..."
Track Name: Wet Food
Please come around to my arbitrary sounds and I'll be there to try to be a better guy
Sneeze in my way; get me sick and waste the day. I wanna feel your mind and please the better kind

I know you offer all the ways and though you often watch me change,
I'll be fair, though you watch me share

Steve, where'd you go? Down the road for way too long
You found some better guys to feed you cans and mice
Steve, chase the stars and sit on constellation cars
I wanna see you ride and feel you in the sky

I know you offer all the ways and though you often watch me change,
I'll be fair, though you watch me share

I found your home and watched you roam, but there you'll be.
Track Name: Dusty Tree
Why’d you want for both your heads
to suck on a family seed growing there?
Hard to say you both collect
Stuck in the sand, your seed won’t educate

New scene stomper, why’d you have to go away?
Don’t you wanna see the day? 
You’re stuck on the family tree
Blue jean waver, now you have to go away
Watch the drivers both collide right into a family tree

How’d you ask to change her name?
Did you spend all the time you saved up in there?
It’s a lot to lose my friend
Well i don’t know what you see deep in there

Hard to fix the gutter when you wait to see the rain
Don’t you feel a bit insane planting your family tree?
All the way the water never finds the seeds to grow
but when you plant in the sand,
now you’re stuck with a family tree
Track Name: Dusty Weather
Come inside; put a blanket around your thighs
The dusty weather tries
Other systems; you can bathe inside the bed
The fuss you make is odd
Little ways to change your sound

and I can see your old sides part of the way
So I invest in my old side falling away

Seasons change but your mind stays the same
You love to wait and stall
Father History, did all the names stay the same?
You want him to recall all the weight he drags through fall

You can mess with your own sides all of the way
but you neglected the old side part of the way
So you invented a new kind only to say
less to have us both invest sides but either way
we could have us both the rest, I call to wait
Track Name: Aged Hype
Remind me when I go to a better place
to erase my face and jump off
and when they settle down
will you crawl on the grass and chew?

and I’ll be there, feeling unprepared
That's why you roam my city through
Now I’m prepared to swim in underwear
and that’s why you will hold on to

Well I’ll feel better off in the summertime
when I can lay down and enjoy the grass
Survived through better times when you’d
showed all you had been through
Track Name: Ex-Punk
Speak your way with words you say
and fuck my own morals today
You play the part right from the start
and struck my tone then left me alone
to lose your taste, prove your strife through haste
Loosen up to find i’m behind

Teach and play around your day
Destruct my phone; lonely we stray
I couldn’t try to be that guy
that you need for only you feed on
time to time; blue in my dead face
Lose your ties to guys spewing lies

Next time, gimme more time
Rest inside ’til you wake
Dreams are always fake
Track Name: Stupidest
When you hold your head aside your bed
you only leave signs read through old times
Then you left your bed to find a way
to feel the old signs fed through old times
Track Name: Plastic
After I go I will try to hear you
over summer’s shine, you could be mine and me yours
Feel the line you draw to find who we are
and it peels away your will to say we’re fine
How you strain to value our weird strength
in each other, you’ll find another, I fear some day
Now i feel you own this, our real shame
to your own bliss, you should find it
and feel sane with your phony plastic man

You will find it’s hard to try and feel sane
with your open arms to empty charms you reach out
and you’ll feel the weight you know you hate
Too late
Track Name: Jock Dreams
Little oyster guy, will you walk far, still on the way?
Just don’t let me stay too long
and I’ll walk on back to your house, hard to find the way
You won’t let me stay too long

How you seem 21, that’s your dream
Yeah, you are the best one on your team!

Now I walk to try to define
lost but found a way
but you let me stay too long
I’m hard to find in one line
No more falls to waste
if you let me stay too long

“and I hate you like you will never know,
and all the fans that chant your name
and watch while you oxygenate and
wait in line to shake your hand.
Thumbing at their razorblades like baby boy,
you knew this all along.
One more strike and you'll be gone.”
Track Name: Lowt-Ide Fins
Sit me in the way, motor on and drink you say?
I read it on the page insisting you’re a special age
Fit you in the side and settle for a comfort ride 
and metal with your open stride when you
inflicted me to float inside
Then you embrace my hand; shriveled in the sand
and walk by your mirror again

After all we’ve done, everything under the sun
It's shining on your face; the shade is all you long to chase
Met her outside; sometimes i wish i ever tried
Drowning in the safe lowt-ide when you
were better off a fishy man
Then you will change my hands, fins to swim in sand
You drop off some flippers instead

Please them, do tricks for them
Seasoned and filtered friends
Wash off the scaley ends
Sun rays he never sends
Track Name: Dumboy
Peer inside the worst instead
Joy is breaking off
Fear it lies in words you said
Boy is playing dumb
Voice screams at you wrong
I play too hard

The few that fit there sound fair
and you could sit there, in your round chair

For you to feel to wrong, a wide stare
You’re only ever wrong to change back your ware
The universe crawls in fat weight
I only ever know it’s controversial

Drink into an annoying friend
Try and change mine
With condescending words from friends,
I embrace my fall
Noisy attitude
Boy fakes it all

But you hit the wall and the town stays
The two of us crawl around ways
To fool the teams call about weight
I only had you all entice my fate
The universe calls for that way
but only after all you recall your first day

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